Variety Acts

Wes Zaharuk

Wes Zaharuk brings new meaning to the word “funny.” Using his off-beat sense of humour and wacky inventions he releases an unbridled hilarity using props such as vacuums, whips, and blowers. The only thing you can expect from Wes is the unexpected! A veteran of night clubs, concerts, and corporate functions, Wes wows audiences with his crazy antics and comical crusades. He has performed around the world and in Las Vegas. If you like laughter and off-the-wall excitement – you won’t want to miss this dangerous mind in action.

Tony Molesworth

Tony Molesworth is a “hiplarious” vaudevillian, a one-man variety show intermixed with music, magic, shtick, rapid-fire standup comedy, juggling, ventriloquism, sight gags, clowning, and audience participation. Tony has been a professional comedy club headliner and cruise ship entertainer for over 20 years. He has also headlined in Atlantic City at The Sands and Caesar’s Palace, and has opened for Joan Rivers and Howie Mandel.

David Merry

David Merry was called “a Colonel in the Mayhem Corps” by The Winnipeg Free Press. He has opened for the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Tommy Chong, Weird Al Yankovic, and Michael Bolton, and has appeared with Sam Kinison, Steven Wright, and Paul Reiser. David is a favourite with the armed forces, on cruiseships, and at comedy clubs across North America. He has written material for Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers, The Tonight Show and Jay Leno, and is a comedy and magic consultant for the film industry. Also a golf pro, David does corporate golf appearances as The Golf Comic.

Johnny Toronto

The Toronto Star called Johnny Toronto “the King of the Unicycle, the Flaming Torch, and the fast joke.” He masterfully involves the audience in his offbeat brand of nonsense, and his “juggling impersonations” are humourous and refreshingly original. Johnny has appeared at the CNE and at the London Festival of New Circus in England.

Bob Cates

Bob Cates is a variety entertainer known for his warm-hearted humour, comic juggling, fancy unicycling, and amazing diabolo manipulation. No matter what the venue, Bob tickles everyone’s funny bone. Bob was awarded “Best Entertainer of the Year” by Festivals and Events Ontario and is a Canadian juggling champion.

Greg Tarlin

Greg Tarlin is to juggling what Fred Astaire was to dance: skill, charm, and razzle dazzle. His is a Canadian juggling champion with a gentle sense of humour who knows it is better to laugh with someone, rather than at someone. He likes to make his audience volunteers into stars. You might find Greg juggling fire atop a unicycle, or you might see him working with yo-yos or juggling machetes. Whatever the routine, Greg will make you laugh, gasp, and play along with him.

Madame Buskerfly

Madame Buskerfly – “A Chick on Sticks and Other Oddities.” Huge visual appeal and offbeat humour have made her a favourite at corporate events and festivals around the world. Her show blends physical comedy with circus skills. Whether juggling, manipulating a diabolo, puppeteering, or stilt-walking – Madame Buskerfly delights people of all ages and nationalities with her direct approach and audience involvement.

Living Statues

For well over a decade audiences around the world and on TV have been amazed by our living statues.They provide an exciting addition to any corporate function. A refreshing break from the norm. The shock that comes from guests when the once frozen statue flexes a pec or subtly moves a hand, is truly electrifying.

Jeff Bradley

Jeff Bradley is a “New Vaudevillian” – a contemporary artist and entertainer extraordinaire whose performances combine elements of stand-up comedy, clowning, juggling, object manipulation, and dance. Jeff’s show is big on laughs and audience participation, for example – “teaching” an audience member to juggle meat cleavers. Jeff tours the world and has won an international busker’s award.

Craig Douglas

Comic juggler Craig Douglas sets a frantic pace. He performs a high-energy blend of original comedy and unique skill. Whether eating an apple while juggling a machete and a bowling ball or juggling ping-pong balls with his mouth, Craig is always ready with a quick line and a friendly smile. His contagious enthusiasm combines a playful sense of humour to quickly have audiences laughing and participating.

Smythe & Saucier

Absurd, amazing, magical, hilarious, and fascinating – these are some of the words used to describe this cartoon-like action adventure presented by bilingual duo Smythe & Saucier. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review referred to them as “a small…circus…two partners who mix legitimate physical dexterity and bad-boy clowning…” Perfect for master of ceremonies work and character walkaround. Clients include Cirque du Soleil and Festival International de Jazz de Montreal.

“Blues Brothers Tribute Show” - Dues Brothers

Dues Brothers have never been more popular, sending energy through the audience that is unstoppable. Often known as North America’s best Blues Brothers tribute show, they perform regularly with the famous “Legends – A Tribute to Rock & Roll” show from Las Vegas. In fact, Legends consistently use them as part of the dynamic team, opening new theatres around the country, based on their show and the amount of publicity they are able to generate. They recently opened the new Legends Theatres in Myrtle Beach and Biloxi, Mississippi.

“The One Man Band" - Bandaloni

Who needs the whole band when you can wear all the instruments yourself? Bandaloni, a.k.a. The One Man Band, sure would agree! When he straps a complete drum kit on his back and combines it with the most unique guitar and harmonica set-up ever, you’d swear he was Mick Jagger…no! Stompin Tom…no! Chuck Berry…no! The Beatles…no! Really, it’s Bandaloni

Silver Elvis

Head to toe in silver, in his silver holographic suit and silver hair, this robotic movin’ Elvis is so cool it hurts! He comes equipped with his own pedestal and sound equipment to groove his robotic gyrations. This recognizable icon statue of Elvis comes to life as audiences from festivals to corporate parties get down and groove with Silver Elvis.

Dueling Piano Show

Dueling Piano Show is one of the hottest, new, interactive musical comedy shows to hit the scene. Sit back, relax, and sing-a-long (yes! sing-a-long) with all of your favorite songs, as you enjoy the comedy, humor of our “Dueling Piano” players. If your looking for that unique entertainment experience and your group enjoys interacting and become part of the show, then the Dueling Piano show is just the ticket.

Carnival Diablo

Carnival Diablo the Ultimate Sideshow is an award winning traveling sideshow. Performances by the troupe follow a traditional Ten-in-One format featuring such acts as fire-eating, sword swallowing and a human blockhead, with show times lasting two and a half hours. With over 20 astounding feats performed by the greatest human marvels in circus sideshow history, the bizarre, outrageous and the miraculous steeped in the Victorian mysticism of the 19th century .

Monsters of Schlock

The Monsters of Schlock combine amazing physical stunts and mind blowing feats with a twist – irreverent slapstick comedy! The result? A show that will have you both screaming and laughing at the same time! Comedy takes the front seat as these two comedians lampoon sideshow, magic, and the circus arts while performing some of the most amazing physical stunts ever seen!

Sand Castle Art

Sand Castle display art specializes in creating custom sand sculptures and sand castles for all types of events worldwide. The art of sand sculpting is a unique promotion of “artists in action”; one that is intriguing to all ages. Sand sculptures have the ability to attract the public and media. People have the need to keep coming back to see the sculpture’s progress, to see a professional sculpture for the first time, or just to see it for the curiosity

Victor J. Hanson

Victor J. is truly a professional host, a talented musician, a witty impressionist, and a fabulous comedian. Mix that with his zany characters and lots of audience participation, and you have a great high energy, interactive comedy show that you definitely won’t want to miss! If you are looking for a fun, enjoyable evening out, be sure to catch one of Victor J.’s performances — and if you’re looking for a superb host/comedian for an event — look no further!

Luau Dancer

Having our Luau dancers can provide entertainment throughout the evening, and they can teach your guests hula or invite them to dance. The shows are beautifully-costumed and can make your event truly special . All sizes of shows available, from solo shows to Hawaiian extravaganzas.

Belly Dancer

Bellydancers are great interactive entertainment for Corporate events, weddings, engagement parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthdays, festivals/cultural events, open houses… they all need entertainment to get the crowd in a party mood or to simply make the event more memorable.

“Dean Martin" Tribute - John Morello

Tribute to Dean Martin has the voice, looks, charisma and moves reminiscent of the ‘Rat Pack’ . From Volare to That’s Amore, John proves that Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime bringing his audience to their feet singing, dancing & laughing, and wanting an encore performance. .

“The Rat Pack" Tribute

When three tribute artists take over the stage, you then suddenly go back to the 60s on the Las Vegas strip, and remembering The Rat Pack. “The Rat Pack Tribute show” is a tribute to three great entertainers.

The true essence of the show is that pure energy and spontaneity of their performance. They are the real deal with that crazy cuckoo style. It is so life-like, that one has to really look twice to make sure one is not dreaming.