Mind Readers / Mentalists

The Evasons

Jeff and Tessa Evason perform “Magic of the Mind” – mentalism at its best. TV’s John Ritter, host of The World’s Greatest Magic V said, “You know when it comes to things that are unexplainable – ESP, the paranormal, the reading of thoughts – I am definitely a skeptic. But as they say, seeing is believing. And after seeing this next act I am becoming more of a believer. From Canada, welcome the finest act of its kind in the world, The Evasons!” If you’re into mind reading/telepathy, memory tricks, or psychic readings – you’ll want to book The Evasons who were named Psychic Entertainers of the Year, an honour bestowed by the International Psychic Entertainers Association.

John Pullum

John R. Pullum has been entertaining audiences professionally for over 17 years. He has been performing and giving his psychic demonstrations since he was a young child, adding up to 25 years in entertainment. He has amazed and amused sell-out crowds from Toronto to Tokyo, and his clients include Disney, The Discovery Channel, Toyota, Columbia Records, Neil Young, FUJI Television, Shell Oil, and Nissan. John is a true entertainment professional who can help promote your event through amazing publicity stunts, radio or TV appearances.