Bob Cates

Bob Cates is a variety entertainer known for his warm-hearted humour, comic juggling, fancy unicycling, and amazing diabolo manipulation. No matter what the venue, Bob tickles everyone’s funny bone. Bob was awarded “Best Entertainer of the Year” by Festivals and Events Ontario and is a Canadian juggling champion.

Greg Tarlin

Greg Tarlin is to juggling what Fred Astaire was to dance: skill, charm, and razzle dazzle. His is a Canadian juggling champion with a gentle sense of humour who knows it is better to laugh with someone, rather than at someone. He likes to make his audience volunteers into stars. You might find Greg juggling fire atop a unicycle, or you might see him working with yo-yos or juggling machetes. Whatever the routine, Greg will make you laugh, gasp, and play along with him.

Jeff Bradley

Jeff Bradley is a “New Vaudevillian” – a contemporary artist and entertainer extraordinaire whose performances combine elements of stand-up comedy, clowning, juggling, object manipulation, and dance. Jeff’s show is big on laughs and audience participation, for example – “teaching” an audience member to juggle meat cleavers. Jeff tours the world and has won an international busker’s award.

Johnny Toronto

The Toronto Star called Johnny Toronto “the King of the Unicycle, the Flaming Torch, and the fast joke.” He masterfully involves the audience in his offbeat brand of nonsense, and his “juggling impersonations” are humourous and refreshingly original. Johnny has appeared at the CNE and at the London Festival of New Circus in England.

Craig Douglas

Comic juggler Craig Douglas sets a frantic pace. He performs a high-energy blend of original comedy and unique skill. Whether eating an apple while juggling a machete and a bowling ball or juggling ping-pong balls with his mouth, Craig is always ready with a quick line and a friendly smile. His contagious enthusiasm combines a playful sense of humour to quickly have audiences laughing and participating.

Alex Elixer

Alex Elixer’s “Modville Madness” is “entertainment so contemporary we had to give it a new name.” The Performing Arts Magazine called Alex “A consummate juggler and masterly entertainer…gracious towards both audience and volunteers.” Alex performs a variety of roving characters and uses stilts which are ideal for conventions, festivals, fairs, and street theatre. He also uses sings, writes songs, plays guitar, and conducts circus skills workshops.

Wade Henry

Wade Henry is an “International Vaudeville Entertainer”, a comedy showman who performs juggling, tall-unicycling, rope walking, and fire eating. Wade is a favourite at festivals, fairs, and street theatres across North America, and is based in Florida.

Jonathan Park

Jonathan Park has delighted TV audiences around the world with his droll wit and unique talents. He has appeared on HBO’s The Larry Sanders Show and has played extended runs in Las Vegas. Perfect for corporate clients, Jonathan is funny, visual, clean, and engaging. His talents are unique; he is one of only a few people in the world able to kick cups and saucers onto his head one by one until he’s balancing a stack eight objects high. Jonathan is perfect if you’re looking for something different. Based in Michigan.

Circus Jonathan

Circus Jonathan is an award winning comic, unicyclist, juggler, renown clown, circus instructor, master balloon sculptor, stiltsman, wire walker, equilibrist, actor, professional court jester, acrobat, variety entertainment producer. His performance, production and instruction has seen and enjoyed across Canada in nine provinces, and in twelve countries around the world.