“Celine” - Gypsy Miller

Gypsy Miller is a trained singer and theatre actor with a truly extraordinary talent for impersonating. All of her impersonations are detailed and precise yet playful and packed with energy. Her performances vary from small venues to large theatres with full a band. And of course, there is no lip-synching.

Gypsy’s Celine Show includes the biggest hits sung with the range, power and emotion of the original.ooks and sounds like the real thing!”

“Shania Twain" - Tribute

Welcome to The Shania Show! – A tribute to Canada’s music sensation, the world reknown recording artist, Shania Twain. This tribute show will rock your world with live performances of Shania’s top music tracks singing live for all events.

Comments from the critics:
Simply amazing! She looks and sounds like the real thing!”

“Shania was awesome. Everyone really liked her, she was high energy, gorgeous and very talented. Thanks for everything!”

Live MP3 Sample

Getcha Good

“Cher”, “Marilyn”, “Liza”, “Madonna”, “Tina”, & “Janis” - Tracey Bell

Tracey Bell presents “Live Facsimiles”, an outstanding array of impressions including Cher, Marilyn Monroe, Liza Minelli, Madonna, Tina Turner, and Janis Joplin. Her impressions of these glamourous stars will leave you mesmerized. But it doesn’t stop there…enthusiastic audience members become part of the show…an unpredictable twist to an already hilarious adventure! Tracey and her “Live Facsimiles” leave audiences dazzled, amazed, and truly entertained. Perfect for corporate functions, trade shows, business promotions, lounge entertainment, theme parties, videos, commercials, and fundraising events.

“Tim McGraw” Tribute - Peter J. Phillips

Being a truly impressive Tim McGraw look-alike does have its perks. Peter has been asked to decoy for Tim when Tim has a security issue. Peter says, “To see a young person’s eyes light up when they think you’re really Tim, it makes it all worthwhile.” Peter performs to sell-out shows across North America at conventions, casinos, arenas, festivals etc., and is a feature with the popular Legends show. Peter also performs along with Faith Hill look-alike Julie Richmond.

“Elvis”” - Frank E Cross

Frank E Cross is a multi award winning ETA. Grand Champion of the Kings Trilogy Contest doing all three eras of Elvis. Frank enjoys performing he says, “I’m having the time of my life!”, and it shows in his performances by the remarkable tribute and reflection of Elvis he demonstrates. He gives it his all, whether it is a small show at a retirement home or a large audience in the theater. His goal is to keep Elvis’ memory alive and ensure his audience is satisfied, leaving them wanting more.

“Shania Twain" - Tribute

Gypsy Miller is a trained singer and theatre actor with a truly extraordinary talent for impersonating. All of her impersonations are detailed and precise yet playful and packed with energy. Her performances vary from small venues to large theatres with full a band. And of course, there is no lip-synching.

Gypsy Miller’s Cher Show is a high-energy performance that includes songs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s as well as plenty of audience participation.

Live MP3 Samples

Song For The Lonely

“W.C. Fields” - John Wood

John Wood presents a remarkable likeness of W.C. Fields, working in movies, television, commercials, and theatre, and at galas, grand openings, and corporate functions.

“Groucho Marx”, Buddly Holly”, “Bette Davis”, & “Charlie Chaplin” - Duff MacDonald

Duff MacDonald presents uncanny look-alike and sound-alike presentations of Groucho Marx, Buddy Holly, Bette Davis, and Charlie Chaplin. He is also an accomplished actor, singer, and songwriter with many theatre, TV, and commercial credits to his name. Duff was an Canadian cast member of Les Miserables.

“Blues Brothers" Tribute - Dues Brothers

Dues Brothers have never been more popular, sending energy through the audience that is unstoppable. Often known as North America’s best Blues Brothers tribute show, they perform regularly with the famous “Legends – A Tribute to Rock & Roll” show from Las Vegas. In fact, Legends consistently use them as part of the dynamic team, opening new theatres around the country, based on their show and the amount of publicity they are able to generate. They recently opened the new Legends Theatres in Myrtle Beach and Biloxi, Mississippi.

“Stone Cold”- Even Colder

STONE COLD look-a-like “Even Colder”, travels all over to appear in television commercials, charity events, and auto shows, and was won a look-a-like contest judged by Steve Austin himself. Even Colder says there is talk of him playing Steve Austin’s evil twin. Even Colder is a WWA Heavy Weight champion, can dead-lift 700 pounds and bench-press 500 pounds, and has placed in the top 20 in the USA ALL DRUG FREE LIFTING COMPETITION.

“John Lennon" - Tribute Mark Staycer

Mark’s portrayal of John Lennon has been called “spot on” by dedicated fans. his authentic singing style and Liverpudlian accent receive the “thumb’s up” from the likes of George Harrison’s sister Louise, English guitar afficianado Sir John Pearse & the premier Beatles look-alike band “1964 the Tribute.” Mark performs in full costume and plays authentic-style guitars that were used by John Lennon. Four thousand enthusiastic fans witnessed Mark’s tribute to John Lennon in Cleveland at Abbey Road on the river, the big 3 day Beatles Music & Arts Festival held in conjunction with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

“The Beatles" - Tribute The Caverners

Audiences have been raving about the all Canadian tribute to the Beatles known as THE CAVERNERS.

These boys have yet to perform without their crowds screaming, stamping their feet and yelling for more. Every part of the show is done with the utmost authenticity, right down to the Liverpudlian accents.

Every piece of Caverner costume and gear has that unmistakeable Beatle look, right down to the British Vox amplifiers and the classic Ludwig Ringo drum kit. All the great songs are there too, everything from She Loves You to Day Tripper, from Help! and A Hard Days Night to Get Back and Hey Jude.

Paris Black is Billy Idol

You won’t find a more realistic tribute to an iconic artist out there today.

Billy Idol began as a true ‘punk’ artist but soon targeted the commercial fringes of the genre. Always the randy, self-aggrandizing showman, his shtick always carried a bit of an edge. Mostly punk without politics, but always dangerous and over the top.

Rebel Yell have risen to do tribute to an artist who is as familiar today as he was 20 years ago.

Gutsy, raw and extremely visual, Rebel Yell offer the best of Billy Idol material in rapid succession. “Dancing With Myself,” “Ready Steady Go,” “White Wedding,” “Scream” and an pounding encore of “Mony, Mony.”

Live MP3 Samples

Rebel Yell

"Rolling Stones" - Tribute

The Great Rolling Stones tribute show is the closest thing to the real boys.. With sold out shows across North America, Europe and South America. The band plays casinos, corporate events, resorts, conventions, festivals and fairs – “considered the most sucessful tribute act in North America”. These guys do all the classics like START ME UP, UNDER MY THUMB, BROWN SUGAR, IT’S ONLY ROCK AND ROLL and many more. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

“Queen" Tribute - Simply Queen

Simply Queen is a world class act. The band is fronted by Freddie Mercury impersonator extraordinaire Rick Rock.

Guitarist Bob Wegner was hand-picked by Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor to play guitar in the Toronto production of the “We Will Rock You” musical. Drummer Greg Hawco is an immensely successful composer, most notably for the CBC television series “Republic of Doyle.” Mark Yannetta on bass is a veteran of “Classic Albums Live” on the theatre circuit.

The live tribute celebrates all the iconic songs that made Queen one of the most legendary rock bands of all time, and faithfully recreates the grand scope of Queen’s live shows, both musically and visually, with attention to detail unlike ever experienced since Queen filled stadiums around the world. They are “Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind!”

“Barry Manilow" Tribute - Joe Passion

Joe Passion performs as Barry Manilow and has been a legend impersonator for over 15 years performing all over the world. He is an accomplished musician/pianist and songwriter as well. His version of Manilow is more “Broadway Meets Vegas” with big band arrangements, funny stick and expensive clothes.

Joe delivers the fun side of Barry including Barry’s great singing and showmanship. Joe performs such Manilow hits as “Can’t Smile Without You”, “Daybreak”, “Mandy”, “I Write the Songs” and many more.

“Bette Midler" Tribute - Kathy Thompson

Kathy Thompson will dazzle you as everyone’s favorite Diva-superstar: Bette Midler!

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Wind Beneath My Wings, I’m Beautiful, The Rose, Under the Boardwalk, and along with an acute, eclectic sense of humor it’s all extreme fun and, outrageously hip.

Since 1995, Kathy has delighted in portraying Bette Midler … both the look AND the voice. She has cavorted as the Divine Diva in Branson, Cancun, Myrtle Beach, San Fran, Bally’s & Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City Millenium New Years, Japan, Detroit, Berlin, Cologne, Mystic Lakes Minnesota, Basel-Switzerland, Utah, Las Vegas.

“Dean Martin" Tribute - John Morello

Tribute to Dean Martin has the voice, looks, charisma and moves reminiscent of the ‘Rat Pack’ . From Volare to That’s Amore, John proves that Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime bringing his audience to their feet singing, dancing & laughing, and wanting an encore performance. .

“The Rat Pack" Tribute

When three tribute artists take over the stage, you then suddenly go back to the 60s on the Las Vegas strip, and remembering The Rat Pack. “The Rat Pack Tribute show” is a tribute to three great entertainers.

The true essence of the show is that pure energy and spontaneity of their performance. They are the real deal with that crazy cuckoo style. It is so life-like, that one has to really look twice to make sure one is not dreaming.

“Aerosmith" Tribute Mama Kin

Mama Kin is an explosive Aerosmith Tribute Band dedicated to the music and spirit of Aerosmith, The shows exhibits high energy, elaborate costumes,great stage sets and special effects that Aerosmith have always been known for.

Mama Kin have played venues across North America at festivals, casinos, corporate and special events

“Elton John" Tribute Elton Rohn

Elton Rohn made his mark as theatre and festival headliner in a very short period of time.

Their live performances encompass a rich musical history of the music of Elton John with a vivid recreation of his sound.

Come and experiance this incredible Elton John Tribute guarenteed that you don’t want to miss.

“Billy Joel" Tribute Leo Frantz

Leo Frantz has been astonishing audiences all over North America with his tribute to Billy Joel for years. His ‘dead ringer’ appearance and voice leaves nothing to the imagination.

His repertoire includes “You May Be Right”, “I Go To Extremes” and, of course, the classic “Piano Man”. You’ll be singing at the top of your lungs through his performances, and you’ll walk away feeling like you just witnessed the real Billy.

“Bruce Springsteen" Tribute Glory Days

A unique six-piece ensemble, Glory Days is a tribute to an American musical icon – perhaps one of the greatest rock singers/songwriters of our time – Bruce Springsteen. This band’s lineup is exclusively composed of experienced concert musicians able to recreate some of the classic songs and performances that were, and still are, Springsteen’s trademark.

This is without a doubt one of the best touring acts, one that has a Springsteen look-alike fronting the band. Add phenomenal musicianship and an infectious on-stage enthusiasm and you get the perfect recipe for an unforgettable night of pure passion and energy.

“The Beatles" Tribute The Fab Four

The Fab Four are Canada’s best-known Beatles tribute show. These four experienced musicians capture the sound and the mannerisms of The Beatles’ live shows making their performance a blast from the past that no Beatles fan or fanatic should miss.

“U2" Tribute Desire

U2, four boys from Ireland, are arguably the most influential and most successful rock band of the past 30 years, making meaningful music and filling massive stadiums around the globe each time they tour. Audiences that have witnessed “Desire: The International U2 Tribute” have been left speechless after experiencing the passion and authenticity of their all-live performances.

Desire followed in the footsteps of U2, unifying as friends in high school and through years and years of practice now bring to life the soul, spirit, sound and bravado of U2’s three decades of “Magnificent” music. See what people from across North America are talking about!

“Pop Stars" Tribute The Stars of Pop

THE STARS OF POP, the only place where you’ll see Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus & The Jonas Brothers all on the same stage…. or at least you’ll think that you did?!

This is one lineup that the whole family can enjoy, from pop to rock to country, these amazing tribute artists look, sound and perform just like the real entertainers, performing hit after hit of some of today’s biggest songs!