Circuses & Sports Shows

Neil Golberg’s Cirque

Neil Golberg’s Cirque can enhance a variety of events from business meetings, receptions, dinner shows, public events, galas, and themed parties. The critics are unanimous with rave reviews: “A combination of fantasy circus and Broadway dream” said The Miami Herald; “A sumptuous big top spectacle turned stage show” reported The Los Angeles Times; and “Acrobatic audacity and limitless imagination all in one” quoted The New York Daily News. Clients include IBM, Ford, Pepsi, and NBC. “A sumptuous

The Peking Acrobats

The Daily Nebraskan said “Wow! That is the only word to describe The Peking Acrobats…China’s premiere acrobatic troupe displayed incredible acts of human, sometimes super-human athleticism, grace, and courage.” The Chicago Tribune said “Feats of clowning, dexterity, grace, strength, and coordination rippled from the audience in pleasurable waves.” Venues include casinos, gala events, amusement parks, theatres, fairs, and festivals.

Garden Bros. Circus

Over sixty years ago, Garden Bros. Circus The Entertainment Giant! started bringing thrills, laughter and excitement to Canada, and today it is recognized throughout the world as one of the largest, most reputable, and prestigious productions. The planning, preparation and expertise that go into every presentation of Garden Bros. Circus is what makes them The Entertainment Giant!

The Flying Fools

The Flying Fools High Diving Show combines comedy with Olympic and Acrobatic style diving, and features a breathtaking Fire Dive plus an exciting 80-foot High Dive. Shows can be themed and/or customized to suit your needs. A favourite at exhibitions, fairs, and amusement parks.

Smythe & Saucier

Absurd, amazing, magical, hilarious, and fascinating – these are some of the words used to describe this cartoon-like action adventure presented by bilingual duo Smythe & Saucier. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review referred to them as “a small…circus…two partners who mix legitimate physical dexterity and bad-boy clowning…” Perfect for master of ceremonies work and character walkaround. Clients include Cirque du Soleil and Festival International de Jazz de Montreal.

The Wild Ones

The Wild Ones – Bikes, Boards, and Blades Show takes place on a giant, portable half pipe ramp. Nationally ranked vert cyclists, skateboarders, and inline skaters demonstrate aerial maneuvers that are sure to amaze. The Wild Ones are internationally recognized for their entertainment value, talent, safety, and reliability. The show can be performed indoors with proper clearance.

Penguin Artic Blast

During the Penguin Artic Blast dive show the trainer finds his lost “penguins” doing the most amazing things and teaches them precision diving. After the trainer leaves the “animals” cut loose with one big party! Great for amusement parks.

Carnival Diablo

Carnival Diablo the Ultimate Sideshow is an award winning traveling sideshow. Performances by the troupe follow a traditional Ten-in-One format featuring such acts as fire-eating, sword swallowing and a human blockhead, with show times lasting two and a half hours. With over 20 astounding feats performed by the greatest human marvels in circus sideshow history, the bizarre, outrageous and the miraculous steeped in the Victorian mysticism of the 19th century .

Monsters of Schlock

The Monsters of Schlock combine amazing physical stunts and mind blowing feats with a twist – irreverent slapstick comedy! The result? A show that will have you both screaming and laughing at the same time! Comedy takes the front seat as these two comedians lampoon sideshow, magic, and the circus arts while performing some of the most amazing physical stunts ever seen!